Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Last Three Days

The last three days have been filled with work at the National Churches Trust and site seeing too. On Tuesday I decided to walk around the Angel tube station where I saw the play on Sunday and then go to Oxford Street for some shopping. I managed to find a cute necklace at Top Shop and two shirts from French Connection.
 On Wednesday I walked around where my work is located and then went to an architecture talk/debate. The talk was part of the London Architecture Festival and was super interesting and fun. There were five different London architects who chose a building that was either built or renovated since 2000 and argued why it should be listed or saved. As an audience we decided if we wanted the building to be demolished, listed or saved by the year 2065. There were five models built representing the buildings (seen in a picture below) and the winning architect had the opportunity to destroy the models that the audience did not want to save or list. However, the winning architect happened to be a conservationist architect and said that in the nature of a conservationist, it wouldn't be right for him to destroy the models. Making us all laugh and the audience able to destroy the models ourselves. The most funny part was destroying the Mittal Orbit Tower, the red ugly thing from the London Olympics. After taking the twisting paper off, the architect who argued to save it even said it looked 100% better.
Today I did a bunch of work and decided that I will treat myself to having the Friday off and just finish my last day on Monday, well its more that I didn't have anything to work on tomorrow and just some phone calls on Monday. After work I decided to go to the Imperial War Museum, but after walking all the way there, I found out that the museum is closed until July. Nevertheless I got to walk around the city and take some pictures.  

Tomorrow I will be going to Windsor to visit the palace and see some of the architecture there. I am really excited to go to Windsor since I want to see more things outside of the city of London. I also plan to go to Greenwich too, probably this weekend or Tuesday. I will definitely take a ton of pictures to post here tomorrow! Lets hope the weather is good!

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