Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Monday was my last official day working for the National Churches Trust. I had one last site to visit for my impact assessments and I finished the project by 4:30pm, leaving me some time to walk around and reflect on the great times I have had working with the NCT over the past month. It is so strange to think that in such a short amount of time I was able to visit six different churches/synagogues, and speak on the phone with another four in order to make a huge impact assessment compiled of statistics, data and charts. It is definitely something I would do again, and I hope my work will help the NCT with future assessments, I was the guinea pig intern. Everyone at work were so kind an helpful, and I will definitely miss them as I make my way towards Rome. However, Rome is far enough away for me to still see the city, and give my mother a tour of London (and Bath!). So for my last day (without my mom) I am heading down to Greenwich before having to get back for an architectural talk tonight. But lets talk about Monday!  I walked down to St. Paul's from work, headed across the Millennium Bridge and walked down the Thames until I hit Westminster. I only took 115 photos, a sad amount I know, but the oncoming rain shower mixed with popular architectural structures made for nice pictures. I really didn't do much other than walk yesterday, I would've gone somewhere, but I had already tackled so much this weekend that I needed some debriefing. But this is what I like regardless, walk around, maybe wander down some streets, iPod playing and camera ready in my hands. I think stepping back and admiring where you are, without the huge rush of needing to get to a certain place at a certain time, is what you may remember more out of a trip abroad.  Now after this gushy moment, I will leave you to some pictures!

This (Italian) man was making a giant heart sand sculpture along the Thames. He was very funny and loved to talk to anyone watching. I immediately stopped to see what was happening when some tourists were speaking Italian to him, and even understood a little!

Well that was my bittersweet Monday, full of sad and happy memories. I am super excited to go to Rome, but very sad to leave London. London, in the short 5 weeks I have been here, has become my home, and the city has definitely taken my heart. But before I get all sad and emotional, I need to remind myself that I stilt have this week to continue falling in love with London.

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  1. I'm so glad that you've had such a great time! We're in love with the same city


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