Monday, June 16, 2014

Another day of sightseeing

After finishing up some impact assessments today I decided instead of going home around 1pm to visit some museums. I started by going to the Tate Britain which is filled with British artists from 1500s to now. There are tons of great pieces of art, especially by Gainsborough and Turner. The contemporary work is nice too, but unless I really understand what the artist is trying to do, I don't understand. After the museum I decided to walk towards Big Ben to go to the Banqueting House. The Banqueting House is amazing and super beautiful, but unless you really want to watch a 20 minute video and look at a big room, it isn't worth the 5 pounds. Having said that, I would love to sit in the room all day on the bean bag chairs they have and just stare up at the Rubens painted ceiling. After hanging out on the bean bag for awhile, I decided it was time to go home to relax. I had a great day, and I was glad that I made my way to the Banqueting House and Tate Britain. I am unsure what I will try to see tomorrow, but I am excited that the weather will be good!

Elephant sighting number one.

Elephant sighting number two.

Hanging out on a bean bag chair...

And of course I brought my Rick Steve's' book with me!
Super fun and relaxing day, I wish I could stay in the bean bag chair forever, it was so comfy. I honestly think that people should go to the Banqueting House, take a book, and lie there and read and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere.  

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