Friday, June 6, 2014

Goodbye for now

A little side ways-- I was standing on a bench and leaning over the rail-- safety first...

Bath is probably one of my favorite places in the world now, and I have only been here less than 72 hours. The architecture, the art, the people, are all wonderful. It is an amazing get-a-way, whether you want to see the unique Roman baths, or watch a rugby game. It is a city, a small city, that has an intimate feeling unlike any other city I have been to. Built on several hills, it can be difficult to walk at times, especially if carrying luggage, but the views and the experience is worth it. For my final day I went to the Victoria Gallery, then walked to the Building of Bath Museum for a meeting. Afterwards, I went to the No. 1 Royal Crescent Museum, which gives you a unique insight into life in the Georgian period. I then walked aimlessly around the city before going to Timothy Richards studio. Timothy Richards, and members of his team, are amazing architectural plasterers. After spending nearly two hours at the studio, I learned about their techniques and business, and had some great insight about design and what it means. Overall, all of my experiences in Bath have really solidified my interest in conservation, architecture history and craftsmanship-- something that I will hopefully carry into my future schooling and career. As I wait for my train back to London, I cannot wait to come back to this historical city, see more of its sites, and reconnect with the amazing and helpful individuals I have met here. This has been a great experience, but my trip isn't over yet! I still have time to take the knowledge I have gained here and apply it to my future adventures in London and Rome!
Now that I have lost many of you, I will skip ahead to pictures that I have taken today as I wandered around this amazing city.

No. 1 Royal Crescent Timothy Richards plaster model.


Of course I found an elephant...
Such a fun day and filled with amazing experiences! I learned so much about the city of Bath, and design and architecture in general. I was even given a hefty book list by the curator of the Building of Bath Collection. I cannot wait to learn more, see more, and actually put this knowledge to work. I hope you all enjoyed my posts of my experience in Bath, keep checking for more England adventures!


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    1. I had a ton of fun! They were really nice at the studio too, and the work is incredible. I don't think I would be able to do something in that detail!


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