Sunday, June 15, 2014

Calm Sunday

Only one picture from today, but still an amazing story. I started my day by walking around a little bit from the Angel tube station and then seeing Mugs Arrows with my boss. The play was in the second story of a pub near the Angel tube station and was in such a small room that the seats were basically on the stage. It felt like you had a personal connection with the actors, and it was a little awkward when they made eye contact with you, plus scary when the blindfolded actor was going around the room with a dart ready to be thrown.... The play was overall very interesting, eerie and strange, but good. I decided not to go anywhere after the play, but to the supermarket and home to relax. Tomorrow, after working of course, I think I will make my way to the Tate Britain, my last museum on my list of sights to see! I hope you all enjoy your Sunday, and remember to wish your father/uncle/husband/grandpa/whoever a Happy Fathers Day!

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