Saturday, June 14, 2014

Not an ordinary Thursday

I am very behind in my posts, mostly because I have so much going on that I get home late and go straight to bed! Anyway, on Thursday I got to see much more of the city. I began my day by writing up some impact assessments at the office, then left early since I was going back to the Heritage of London Trust to go on a the Tower Bridge visit they had planned. Since I was extremely early, I decided to walk around a bit. I got off the tube and went to Buckingham Palace, made my way to Trafalgar Square and stopped into the National Portrait Gallery. After the amazing visit to the museum, I went down to visit Big Ben, hopped back on the tube and went towards HOLT's offices. Once there, I walked around a bit and got to relax in the nearby park before meeting with HOLT and leaving for the Tower Bridge. The bridge, which I had seen before, is really remarkable, and the views from inside are amazing! You can see all of the city, and the new skyline that is being put in place. After getting back down, I saw the bridge open for a boat, and then went to the hydraulics room to see how the bridge operates. I then preceded to walk around the area, snapping many pictures, before finally heading home. Below is another (grand) collection of the pictures I took!

I just love this guy.

It was Brazil Day in the Square to kick off the hype of FIFA.

Elephant siting of the day.

Tower Bridge. Now if you remember Fergie's "London Bridge" song, she is actually referencing the Tower Bridge in the video, leaving me confused when I originally saw the London Bridge and Tower Bridge together.
The first bridge you see in this picture is the London Bridge.

Another really exciting day in London! Stay tuned for more posts, which will be coming out daily from this point since there is so much left to see and I am running out of time! On Friday (yesterday), I went to Cambridge, and took another billion photos of the beautiful architecture I got to see!

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