Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Most of London Day 3

The last hectic day of the weekend. We started by seeing the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, which was a huge (and long) ceremony, but really cool still. Then we went to the London Bridge, the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. London Bridge is nothing special, it looks like any other bridge that you have been to, but the Tower Bridge is really awesome. After that we went to see Olympic Park, which was really cool to visit, but you couldn't go in anything. The Aquatic Center is open for use, but even to just go in and walk around, you have to pay. The Olympic Park is very far away, but it is definitely something you would should visit if you are really into the Olympics, or want to go to the shopping mall (Westfield) that is right near the park.

Another busy day filled with several miles of walking, which after three days, is exhausting. I would definitely recommend seeing the changing of the guards and the Tower Bridge, and if you have time, I would see the interior of Westminster Abbey. We also tried to get into the Harry Potter studio tour, but were unable to get a reservations, even after the tour made us buy our tickets... If there was a way to just book a time and date while buying tickets, the process would be so much easier, and save you money. But anyway, those were my three busy days with my brother and his friend while they continue backpacking through Europe. Now I am on my way to do an impact assessment of a church in Bournemouth, and then to Bath! I am super excited, and will definitely take some pictures and post them here.


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