Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shopping & Cookies

Sorry for the cell phone pictures, I really didn't want to take out my camera with the on and off rain today. It was a pretty busy Thursday. Started off at the office, then had a meeting with the Georgian Group, then headed down to Oxford Street to go shopping. I didn't buy anything (yet) but I love having a Zara store nearby again! I went in to tons of shops like Top Shop, United Colors of Bennington and Clarks. I will definitely go back soon to actually make some purchases! But I did buy a cookie from Ben's Cookies-- and it was delicious. I got a double chocolate nut cookie, simply amazing! I can't wait to keep exploring the city this weekend, especially since my brother and his friend are visiting!

Had to take a picture, it was just calling my name!

This was so delicious, I am definitely craving cookies right now. It also makes me think of all the gelato I am going to eat in Rome in another month. I can't wait- but one city at a time!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Crazy Sunday

Another adventure packed day today. I started off by going to the Wellington Arch (above) to see an exhibit called Carscapes. I am really interested in urban history-- on top of architecture and preservation-- and this was an awesome exhibit by English Heritage! It was very relatable to what I have been doing research on at school (urbanization, suburbanization, decline of urban centers). After the exhibit, I walked through Hyde Park, down Oxford Street and made my way to the British Museum. This museum is full of archeological artifacts, including things from the Rosetta Stone, Cleopatra, and statues from the Parthenon. The museum focus on ancient cultures, so it was a nice change from the modern day effects of the automobile. After this, I went to the British Library to see hundreds of documents, including lyrics written by The Beatles and the Magna Carta. Overall, I got to see a lot of interesting artifacts and explore more of the city, not too bad for a Sunday right? I am going to head back to Oxford Street tomorrow (get a cookie) and do some shopping if I am up for it in the morning.  So enjoy some of the pictures from today below!

This was on a tiny side street off of Oxford Street. I did a double take and almost bumped into a few people getting down this street to take this picture.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Abroad... again.

Abroad Round Two has officially started. After working my butt off since January contacting, researching and finally hearing back from several historic preservation organizations and architecture firms, I complied a huge proposal for an award at my college. I wound up getting the award (yay!) and now I will be in the UK for about six weeks, and in Italy for four weeks. Super, super fun! I have started my adventure in London, and will be making my way to Bath and Cambridge too. So for the next five weeks now, I will be living in London! I think that the travel bug really got me since my semester abroad, because I could not have spent a whole summer away from Europe. Today I decided to walk around London, in the super tourist areas. I started in Lambeth, made my way toward the Thames, and crossed over to see the Big Ben, Westminster, Trafulgar Square, the National Gallery, and Buckingham Palace. So much to see, and I felt like seeing it all today. Obviously I have more places to go, but it was fairly nice outside and I didn't want to stay in and watch Netflix all Saturday (that's what Sunday is for...). So here are some of my, uh 368, pictures that I took today!


Several people have asked me what my favorite part of London is. My obvious answer is this blue chicken that sits in Trafulgar Square outside of the National Gallery. Who wouldn't love this thing?! London is an awesome city, it is really extensive, but a lot of good attractions are in the same area, so that explains my multiple places in one day. I also really love the National Gallery, there is everything in it. I got to see things from my beloved Italy in a special exhibit on the architecture of Italian Renaissance paintings (how perfect is that?). After spending almost three hours in the museum, and walking around taking a billion photos, I am exhausted but ready to head out to Oxford Street for some shopping-- as well as a cookie from Ben's Cookies which was recommended to me (not by Rick Steve's this time!). Keep checking back for updates of my adventures back abroad!