Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Most of London... Day 2

On Saturday, we decided to see some more historic sites of London, starting with St. Paul's Cathedral. Like other churches and bell towers, we decided to climb the dome. Only 528 steps and three different viewing galleries, and we got to see an amazing view of the city. After eating at GBK, Great Burger Kitchen, a really good (chain) burger place, we made our way back towards Trafalgar Square via a double decker bus, to see the changing of the guards at the Prime Minister's residence, then to the Churchill War Rooms, which was an amazing museum with a really good audio guide. Since my brother and his friend were exhausted, we really didn't get our day started until noon, but we still saw amazing sites. Here are some pictures from Saturday!

 View of the dome from the Whispering Gallery, the first gallery. You can look down and see the rest of the church, 257 steps below. If you whisper with your mouth close to the wall, you can speak to a friend on the opposite side of the dome. Though if there are a lot of people, you probably can't hear your friend, or you can hear others conversations. 

Looking 350 feet down from almost the top of the dome. A little scary, but super cool.

A view of the London Eye, and some parts of Parliament from the top of the dome.

Changing of the guards.


Favorite figurine ever.
After the Churchill War Rooms, which was the actual bunker during WWII. This was an awesome museum, and I would highly recommend it to anyone walking between Trafalgar Square to Westminster Abbey. Saturday wasn't too busy, but we still got to see some good sites!

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