Wednesday, June 25, 2014

0 Degrees

I took my last free day to go to Greenwich to spend some time on the Prime Meridian. After seeing some of the sights, I headed back to London and walked around a bit before going to another architecture talk. My day was really nice, and Greenwich is beautiful and full of amazing museums, but if you aren't into marine themed art and exhibits based on the sea and weather, it won't be too interesting. Nevertheless it is a beautiful place to go. After spending some time in Greenwich I decided to just walk around London and I visited Westminster Cathedral which no one every mentions or talks about when they talk about the sights of London. It is a huge and beautiful cathedral down the street from Westminster Abbey. If you like to visit churches, I would say pop into the cathedral, its free and you can take loads of pictures, not like I don't take enough already...

I first glanced at this and thought it said "Dat Booty"...

Elephant sighting!

Nelson's uniform with the left shoulder ripped from a musket ball which killed him.

Prime Meridian! However, after doing some reading, I learned that it s not necessary at 0 degrees, and had been moved several feet to make room for the sculpture there now.

Another exciting day in London, now I am heading out to see some more sights as I play tourist for my jet lagged mother!

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