Sunday, June 22, 2014

Aching Feet

I am falling behind on posts! I had all the pictures up and ready to go, but fell asleep around 8pm from being so exhausted! I decided to walk around my neighborhood (Hampstead) and then venture down to the main part of the city. I began my day by going to Hampstead Heath, then down to the nearby Abbey Road and then to Regent's Park where I went to the zoo! Super childish, but it was something else to do and see in London. Sadly, this zoo didn't have elephants but had tons of other great animals and a bitterly conservatory too. After the zoo I wandered through the park and made my way to the Wallace Collection, which houses The Swing, a famous painting that I had studied in several intro art history classes. The Wallace Collection, a free museum, was super pretty and housed tons of great artwork. I then made my way down to Oxford Street only to walk around some more, without buying anything, before heading back home.  It sounds pretty effortless, but I managed to walk from my neighborhood area down to almost Trafalgar Square which on the tube, would've taken me 15 or 20 minutes. A ton of walking but definitely worth it, I was able to see a bunch of new places and beautiful architecture.



I had a great time exploring my neighborhood and down to the city. By the end of the day I had aching feet and a little bit nastier sunburn than yesterday... I need to lather up on some more sunscreen. I will also add my post of what I did today a little later on, if I don't fall asleep again...

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