Friday, August 24, 2012

Moon Over Mumbai

This is my latest nail polish color. I only have two coats on, but if you put another coat or two, it is more light grayish colored than a neutral sheer. I really like this color and used to put a pink over it, or under it. The pink was another sheer OPI color (I'm not sure which one though :]).

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nautical Stripes

|Tank: {No longer available}Similar Tank| Shorts: {No longer available}Similar Shorts| Similar Necklace| Similar Sandals|

I just got a haircut today and my hairdresser decided to curl my hair, therefore I needed to change into something cuter for the day. I love my Banana Republic top, it has everything I love; stripes, v neck, racer back & a zipper in the back! I also just bought these shorts from Banana Republic Outlet. They are the Ryan fit (low rise and straight through hip & thighs) and navy blue. I really like them. Some time soon I will show you what I recently bought, which are mostly basics. I hope you all have a great day!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Swifer Duster Cloths

I have read several tutorials about how to make swifer duster cloths using microfiber cloths, and decided to make my own tutorial that is simpler and quick. Here is what you need:

- sewing machine
- 4 microfiber cloths *each duster is 4 cloths together* (I bought a pack of 10"x10" microfiber cloths; the final result is about 8"x8")
- thread (I used white, you can color coordinate your thread if you choose)
- scissors
- a ruler
- fabric pencil/marker
- Swifer duster handle (as a guideline)

Let's get started!

 This is my 10"x10" microfiber cloth I bought at JoAnn's in a pack of three. First, cut the trim off. I did this because I didn't want the trim to scratch any surface I dust; however, you will cut off about an inch on the top and sides in the end. So, at least cut the bottom off where the swifer duster holder will come off.

Next, pin 2 of the cloths together and sew them together down the middle. Repeat with the other two pieces.

Now pin all 4 pieces together and sew down the middle.

Now that all 4 pieces are sewn together, lay them down and take the top piece of fabric and fold it over. *Like flipping a page on a book, you want to "read" the next piece of fabric.*

After "reading" your piece of fabric, lay down the swifer holder so the little middle piece and right piece are on the right side of the crease.

Now, use your ruler to mark where you will be sewing. You will be sewing through 3 pieces of the microfiber, leaving gaps where the two little parts of plastic come out.

Now, repeat these steps on the other side. *Go back to your original page- all 4 pieces flat, and go back one more page- 3 pieces of microfiber on the left, 5 on the right.*

Now put your "book" back to its original position. Next, I made my piece 8"x8" by cutting off excess fabric.

At one of the ends, I closed it off by about an inch on both sides of the middle seam. This way the fabric at the top won't curl over towards your hand, or fall off the swifer.

Finally, start cutting each microfiber piece. I tried to alternate the little "slices" for each piece. I go in roughly 3.5" or 4". And after that, shake it out, OUTSIDE since there will be a lot of loose pieces-cut microfiber is messy! Then I just wash it with my towels and there you go, your own swifer duster cloths!

I hope you enjoy your new dusters! I am a beginner sewer, and this was pretty easy! Please comment below if you have any questions!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Angela!

Tonight I went to dinner with a bunch of friends to celebrate my friend Angela's birthday. And for anyone else whose birthday is today, happy birthday, I hope your day was amazing!

Chambray & Black Jeans

Image from Google & Photobucket


These are my favorite pair of stud earrings. I believe they are from Banana Republic about a year or two ago.

White Shirt & DIY Necklace

This is the final DIY necklace from this post. When I braided the beads together, it looked like a braid. However, I was scared to put too much tension on the beads and string (for fear of breaking the beads or something stupid), so the braid wasn't very tight. I think it still looks okay. What do you think?

-The bracelet in the first photo was one that I made out of a gold chain and white leather on either side, secured together with clear jewelry string  and tied off with a decorative button.

Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY Necklace

I tried this necklace tutorial, seen on my Pinterest board. It was fairly easy, however my braid looks like a loose twist. I think if I made more, my braids would look better & tighter. I was afraid of too much tension on the beads and string that it would break; with my luck, it would... I'll upload a picture tomorrow of this necklace and my outfit!

-I made my bead strings to be about 6 inches long.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Yankees Game

|Hat- Special Edition from 2003| Shirt- Old Navy, no longer available online| Shorts| Watch| Laces Bracelet- from Cooperstown years ago|

I went to the Seattle vs. Yankees game on Saturday & this was my outfit! Though the Yanks lost, it I had a fun time with my family. Plus I got to see the new stadium! I hope you all had a great weekend!