Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Study Abroad Experience

After being home for a month, I miss Europe. I truly miss my tiny and cramped apartment two blocks away from the Vatican; along with the freedom and independence of walking everywhere for anything and all the sights I was able to see in a short period of four months. Though I talked a lot about studying abroad tons of times; like in my study abroad tips posts, I want to put my experience in one, hopefully cohesive, post. 

Why did I decide to go abroad?
My college is very big on studying abroad, and with my major in architecture and history, it felt right to go somewhere other than a small college campus in the middle of nowhere to see real architecture and history. I went to some informational meetings about studying abroad, and found that going to Rome, Italy was the best choice for me. I was hesitant, though, for going across the ocean for four months, but I realized it would be great for my academic career, and for personal self-growth, to study abroad. 

What did I do for 4 months (one semester) in Europe?
A ton. I lived in Rome, Italy, but traveled to Cambridge and London, England, Naples, Pompeii, Pisa, Florence, Tivoli, and several other Italian cities. During the week, I had four classes; an Italian language class at the Scuola di Leonardo da Vinci, and three classes taught by two professors from my school back in the U.S. I studied architecture, art history, and history. In my study abroad program, our classes were taught in museums, churches, and the streets of Rome. When I didn't have class, I explored Rome. I took along my Rick Steve's guide and meandered through the different parts of Rome. I highly recommend getting a travel book and reading it before, and while, you are in your selected city. I think that if I sat in my apartment all day and only went to the same places, I would have been extremely bored and would not have great memories, and pictures, of historical and memorable places. 

Did you like Rome? Did you understand the language?
Yes and yes-ish. Before going abroad, I was required to take one course in Italian, and while I was there, I had to take another Italian course. Because of these two courses, and being surrounded by Italian speaking people, I could understand most, but not all of it. Though I could not fully understand everything, I was able to communicate with many Italians. I think because I learned the language, to some extent, I was able to enjoy Rome on a deeper level. Instead of just scrapping the surface, I was able to experience a lot more, which made me fall in love with the city. 

Would you go back?
I would hop on the next plane to Rome if I was able to. I loved living there so much, it was magical. Hopefully, someday soon, I would be able to go back and explore more, and visit other Italian cities I missed out on; i.e. Venice and Milan. 

Anything else?
If you are able to study abroad, do it. I mainly went because it was a new experience, and it fit in with my course work for my double major and minor. I loved Rome, and I loved being able to study abroad, it was just a great experience, and it was very fun. 

If you want to know more about my experience, don't hesitate to comment below. Stay tuned for posts about what I did in Rome, Florence, Pisa, and Pompeii; hopefully it will help you if you travel there!

Monday, June 3, 2013


The first outfit was for the mass for the graduating seniors, then the lovely sibling picture (grad in the middle!), was for the actual graduation ceremony. Yes, I did a wardrobe change. 

So here are my outfits! As you can see I am trying to get a white background set up for my outfits now, I am just trying to find where the tripod is in my house! I swear it is hidden somewhere. So hopefully I will have better images of my outfits soon, including my feet, and will be able to get rid of the tower of books serving as a temporary tripod.
Congrats again little brother, and to all graduating seniors of class 2013!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

7 Ways to Bare: Review

I am in love with Bare Minerals and their mineral veil and eye shadows. I would say that the 7 Ways to Bare is a really good buy if you love the loose powder shadow and want more neutral shades. Several shades are more matte; Nude Beach, Chic Nude, In the Nude. The others have some glitter in them, but it isn't too sparkly. I really love doing nude colors; pinks, beiges, browns, etc., and I am really glad I got this! The only thing that upsets me is that it is very light then dark, without many shades in between. I think that Bare Minerals could have opted for one or two less light pinks and added another medium shade. Overall, if you love Bare Minerals eye shadow, and want some more neutral shadows, this is perfect for you!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


I have a super busy weekend because of my little brother's high school graduation! And obviously, being a girl, I had to buy a new outfit! So here is what I got!:

This pretty little number is from The Loft and is perfect for the hot weather, while still being classy and lightweight. I love the color!I plan to wear it with my nude shoes, and I am going to either make a longer necklace, or borrow one from someone! Here is what else I got this morning!:

This navy blue blazer, also from Loft.

I really wanted to get more eye shadows, and I love Bare Minerals. So I go the 7 Ways to Bare, which includes 7 nude colors, perfect.
I also wanted a mineral veil that had some more color in it. I got the tinted mineral veil, again from Bare Minerals. 
                                    Tarte - Maracuja Creaseless Concealer
I have purple under eyes, genetics (not lack of sleep!), so I needed a concealer that would cover up, but not be too cakey or heavy on such a thin layer of skin. So I got one by Tarte called Maracuja Creaseless Concealer; I hope it works!

Other than some lunch, those where my purchases today to help me look nice for the graduation tomorrow! I am so excited! Have you tried any of these makeup products? Let me know below!