Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunburned Sunday

I began my day by getting off the Tube at Oxford Circus and then walking towards the Marble Arch and Hyde Park. I walked around the park for about an hour enjoying the beautiful scenery and then seeing the Princess Diana Memorial (the circular fountain) before going to the Kensington Palace. The Palace is amazingly beautiful on the inside and had a fashion exhibit of the dresses Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret and Princess Diana wore. After seeing the amazing Palace and the gardens, I made my way to the Geffrye Museum, which houses an exhibition about the middle class and living environments in London from the 1600s-1990s (so now-wish). I decided to call it a day around 2 pm, after being out and about for 5 hours in the hot sun, burning away. Its sad to see my last Sunday in London, but I am glad I was able to see a bunch of sites.

Elephant sighting!

Another elephant sighting, inside the palace!

Princess Margaret, a beautiful photograph.

Here is to my last day Sunday in London! Another beautiful and hot day, last day of work is tomorrow, which will be bittersweet since Rome is around the corner! I will keep you all updated about my adventures, I plan to at least go back to the British Museum tomorrow or Oxford Street... so hard to choose!

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