Friday, June 6, 2014


On Thursday I walked around the city, saw some sites and shadowed at an architecture firm that focuses on conservation, overall an amazing day! Before my shadowing from 10-5pm, I went to the Roman Baths and then the Bath Abbey. The baths are a huge tourist site, with a museum attached and throughout, but it is still a great site to see. The included audio guide is also really helpful to explain some of the hundreds of artifacts found on the site. You can also walk around the actual baths, see the roman engineering, and drink the water from the spring (not the green algae infested baths). Afterword, I went into the Abbey, it was also so beautiful. The interior and exterior of the Abbey is simply amazing, and my favorite aspect, I can take pictures. Later, I walked around the city, took a huge amount of pictures (581 to be exact), and ate an amazing dinner and nutella crepe. Another fun and exciting day, but sadly only one day left to enjoy Bath before going back home to London.

The spring that you can catch a drink from. It is very warm, and taste a little off, but it was an experience.

An American flag in the Abbey.


And of course, I needed to give an update about my outfits, since I have been neglecting to do so. This is a new dress I purchased at Topshop in London this week. (I already got some sort of stain on it while eating my delicious dinner... typical).  I paired it with the faux leather sleeve drapey jacket that I purchased in Rome last year-- mixing my two abroad experiences! The color reminds me of Wendy from Peter Pan, so of course I had to buy it. I normally don't wear dresses, but after purchasing this, I think I may start wearing them more.

Awesome dinner at a pub, my favorite chicken and potatoes!

Today, as my last day in Bath, I have several meetings to attend, and then I plan to visit the No. 1 Royal Crescent museum and the Victoria Art Gallery before heading back to London later tonight. I am super excited to see more of Bath, and sad to have to leave so soon.

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