Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Oh ya, got a picture outside. So we tried to really hurry this picture before the security guard of the apartment complex we went into would yell at us. We were unsure if we were allowed in, slash a car was coming, slash he was heading towards us to smoke. It was all confusing and Italian and I don't know. So I visited MAXXI today, and obviously you can't take pictures. But then, once I got outside I was like "Oh take a picture of the building," then I realized something... my memory card was not in the camera. Therefore no pretty pictures & this lovely picture of me in my new Zara clothes, was taken on an iPhone. So again this shirt was seen on a post I wrote earlier this week. I really love it but in this picture, it makes me look like I have a severe gelato gut. I did get gelato today though at my favorite place, the Frigidarium. I got Bacio and Mint Chocolate Chip dipped in a hard chocolate shell. SO GOOD! I am limiting myself to one gelato per week, two lunches out per week, and if need be, one dinner per week. I don't think I have really spent a lot of money, the first couple weeks yes because we didn't really know how to cook and went to eat out and had to buy stuff for our apartment. Now, I am trying to spend less than $30 a week for food, which is honestly not going to be hard, its just a scrambled eggs and cereal, grilled cheese, pasta, and chicken or ground beef with frozen peas kind of lifestyle. No complaining here! :] If you know me, you know I have a huge guilt complex, and since my lovely parents are paying for my food over here, I feel bad wasting money (well wasting money on anything for that matter). I would rather starve and ration out my food, then spend more money. So far, I am doing okay, (hopefully), I just need to use cash a little more- stupid overseas credit card fees!! Anyway, MAXXI was interesting, I am not too thrilled for contemporary art, but the huge drawings and political statements by William Kentridge in his Vertical Thinking exhibit were pretty interesting and cool. So it was a good day, off to do some studying for an Italian midterm on Thursday & some drawings of the Ara Pacis Augustae building! Ciao!

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