Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Porte, Arte, Fuoco e Papa

So many pictures from the last TWO DAYS! The first pictures of doors are from this morning. My drawing class went around the Campo dei Fiori area to draw some doors, these are some of the (many) pretty ones. Next, yesterday my art history class went to the  Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna (for you English speaking people, the National Gallery of Modern Art). After our adventure through some rooms of the museum, my roommates and I went walking around and we found a huge street performance for the last day of Carnivale (last day was Fat Tuesday). And the last pictures should be semi-self explanatory, unless you have no clue what is happening in the world. The Pope, who lives in that pretty building in the picture above, is resigning. He is one of the first pope's to resign in about six centuries! Therefore its a HUGE deal and every reporter and news company has been camping out in front of the Vatican. Some reporters are interviewing people, and interviewed my one roommate, but she didn't know very much about the Pope, etc. since she is actually not Catholic. Hopefully by March 18th when the new pope is announced, the hordes of people will die down... 
 & sorry for no outfit posts, its really awkward to take pictures when my roommate is still sleeping and her bed is in front of the only full length/good mirror.... as we say "Oh Italy..."

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