Friday, February 8, 2013

When in Rome...

So if you have been reading this blog, or personally know me, you know that I have been in Rome for almost one month. Here is how it is so far:

So I would say, good? I have taken so many pictures that I had to only choose a few to show where I have been so far. I took a lot with my phone too, but haven't really had the chance to put them on my computer..

As for fashion, well its been pretty cold so I've been in my Nine West wool coat mostly. Everyone, who is a local, usually wears neutral colors. My North Face blue rain coat really shows that I am an American. I think that this experience will help me define my style and make me more proud of the fact that I think more simple and neutral clothing is more chic that any crazy print and fit. As I say, simplicity is chic

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