Saturday, February 23, 2013

Shopping in Rome

Yesterday I went to Porta di Roma, a shopping mall that is huge in Rome! We barely went through the entire mall, but I managed to buy some things. Recently, I have been leaning towards neutral colors, simple silhouettes, and a more "grown-up" style. I really like the idea of less is more, and would rather wear something that is more polished and timeless than what is in trend now. I would describe my style to be minimalistic, simple, and chic. Though I may not have all the wardrobe components to complete my desired style, I am working on obtaining more clothes. Though this sounds materialistic, I take careful planning to purchasing clothing articles, looking at prices and quality of the clothes, as well as factoring in if this is an essential item for my closet, or an extra that will be forgotten and discarded in a few months. With the help of my Pinterest style board and the Stylebook app, I have created a visual shopping list that helps me realize what my closet really needs, versus what I want. To be honest, this helps a lot, though it seems very tedious. I actually go through all my Pinterest boards on a regular basis to make sure I put things on I actually like, will read, or will do/make. It is a very OCD process, but cleaning out something like a visual list makes my life feel less stressful. 

Okay so lets get to the clothes;

 Bi-material black jacket
I got this awesome edgy jacket from Pim Kie. I love the faux leather sleeves and the irregular zipper. It looks really cute open as well because the sides drape really nicely. 


I got this really soft and silky smooth top from Zara, which is definitely my new favorite store. This will look great with dark jeans, and could be casual or dressed up. I love the smooth and soft texture, it feels so nice on. 


This is a really nice, neutral colored sweater at Zara as well. I love the color and the cute little zipper detail in the back. It will be great for layering and with scarfs.


I really wanted to get a classic black & white striped long sleeve shirt, and this one is totally awesome. Zara has many other colors too. This one is organic cotton, though any cotton is fine with me. It will also be great for layering.


I also got this basic crew neck cardigan at Zara to go with many blouses I own, or to be worn on its own. I love having basics in my closet like black, tan and navy cardigans, to match any blouse or tee I have.


If you know me, I love grey. I love wearing grey too. This scarf at Zara was just calling my name. And it is better than wearing a plan grey tee shirt and calling that a complete outfit. Also, I hate how ridiculously priced scarfs are but this was just under $20 when converted from euros. I really like it and wore it over my long sleeve white tee today, and I put on my snazzy new jacket and looked super edgy and super European.  

My next goal for Italy shopping is to find some great fitting pants. I have four pairs of jeans here, and I would say one and a half fit well. I am also searching for pants that fit length wise, hip/waist, and flatter my non existent curves. I really want to find a better fitting black skinny jean, and at least one dark wash skinny. I have a pair of dark wash straight legs that I really like, but they don't fit right in the waist or length. I will probably try to get them fixed. My other jeans I have with me, one fits well, but is fading fast, my black jeans are not too great, and the last pair just aren't very comfortable fabric wise. Pants are definitely the hardest things I have to buy, I normal get frustrated  buy the pair that seems to fit, and then complain on my blog about how I hate my pants so much... Oh material objects...

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