Sunday, February 24, 2013


Same old, same old. Packing for 4 months is hard when you only have one bag! Basic Banana Republic black long sleeve, Aeropostale (old) scarf, & INC straight leg jeans (old)

My beautiful and trustworthy shoes for Rome. I got them back in the States & they were mighty expensive, but they are great for those who have terrible flat feet or need extra support. Yes, you can purchase cute shoes at an orthopedic footwear store. Case & point.

On Friday I visited Macro, a modern art museum. We looked at two exhibits, one by Jimmie Durham & one by Pascale Marthine. Both were interesting. It is hard to appreciate modern art when you don't understand the meaning behind the pieces. It is good that I understood the background of the artists as well as what their art installations and pieces meant. Though I am not a fan of modern art, the meaning and messages that these artists were showing were pretty powerful.

This was a sound installation by Jimmie Durham. On the ladder there was a rock & the sound was breaking glasses. The significance was about how nature (rock) is unbreakable versus material and man made objects (broken glasses on floor & sound of glasses breaking). There must also be some meaning why the rock is up high on a ladder, probably that nature is higher and greater than material objects.

Also by Jimmie Durham, this Arc of Triumph emulates the great arcs within Rome or other cities, that were built for emperors, etc. when they did something amazing; i.e. winning a war. This one is, as the title said, "for personal use," hence the wheels to carry your personal triumph with you wherever you go. 

This was a huge graffiti wall with a red line running through it. It is by Pascale Marthine. There is a door that is drawn and the red line stops there. I guess that the line is holding back all the people and objects depicted from the door. Maybe something to do with moving on in your life and letting go of the past? I am unsure.

Clearly you can tell I liked this piece. This is by Pascale Marthine and called "Black Diamond." Marthine is from Cameroon, and as a child he was forced to work in the diamond mines. This piece represents the diamonds as cages, like the forcing of children to work in the mines with no escape. The small stones at the bottom represent the little that they would receive from the prison of the diamond mines. Again, I could be interpreting everything wrong, but with what my class discussed, and several people's research, I believe we are pretty accurate. 

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