Thursday, February 21, 2013

Musei Vaticani

Today I visited the Vatican Museum. It was so huge, grand and amazing! I didn't expect the museum to be so full of statues and paintings, but it had thousands of things piled into room after room. The ceilings and walls of each room were so beautiful architecturally and were painted with frescoes or had some pretty detailing. Everything was so beautiful. Sistine Chapel was very nice too, it was weird because I expected it to be much bigger, but it was still awesome. I expect a lot of things to be huge, but in reality they aren't as big as I pictured, then I feel let down... Like the Laocoon sculpture pictured above and the chapel. But the one sight in Rome that moved me the most and brought tears to my eyes was the Trevi Fountain. I am definitely going back soon and will sit and stare at it for hours.... Overall I had a great day, some great gelato- mint chocolate chip & bacio (SO YUMMY), went shopping - bought nothing, and ate a lot of food; therefore I am stuffed and happy. Tomorrow I am going to Macro, a modern art museum for one of my classes. Again, I will try to post outfit pictures when possible, my outfits just don't seem too exciting though..

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