Monday, February 11, 2013

Rain, Lace & Chinese Food

Banana Republic Sweater (old) | Similar Jeans | Semi Similar Oxfords 

It was pouring buckets today in Rome, and I forgot an umbrella, so everywhere I went there were venders screaming "Ombrelli? Ombrelli?" and shoving umbrellas in my face. After Italian class, we my roommates and I went out to a Chinese restaurant. Normally, I don't like any ethnic food, I'm just a plain and simple kind of person, but I love white rice and shrimp, so my day became awesome. So great day... Anyway, I wore this, and if you can kind of see, I have a charm on my bracelet, that is the Horn of Good Luck, which looks like a red pepper. It is some old Roman thing, like a rabbits tail from the 90's. 

Oh and that weird mirror is the only good mirror in our tiny Roman apartment.. 

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