Friday, May 17, 2013

Tips for Studying Abroad: Part 1

You have been accepted to study abroad, now what? For my college at least, tons of forms and paperwork had to be filled out; i.e. visas, passport info, medical insurance, etc. etc. I would talk to whoever is in charge and figure out what you need to do IMMEDIATELY! The longer you wait, the harder it can be to get a visa or passport in time; therefore delaying or stopping your study abroad experience. So the first step; 

  1. Find out what paperwork needs to be done
  2. DO IT!- procrastinating this crucial step will make this experience more stressful.
If this step is done, congratulations, it is the most stressful step. Next start researching and gathering information about where you are staying (apartment, college dorms, home stay ; as well as the country or city you will be staying in. Ask friends, family, professors, and students who have studied abroad, about what they did there and what you should do/see.

I would suggest taking a look at Rick Steve's website and even buying his book on your specific country or city. I had the Rick Steve's Rome book, and it was like my personal bible. I took it everywhere and read through it.

Another thing to think about; get a camera. I got a Nikon d3100 for Christmas just for my trip to Rome. You can get something simple, and much cheaper, but a camera will be great to capture memories, and share them later. We were also advised to keep a journal during this time, to write down our daily experiences. 

My tips:
  1. Research your country & city you will be studying in
  2. Talk to friends, family, professors and recent study abroad students about the area you will be living in
  3. Read a book; Rick Steve's books are the best-- walking tours, historical information, it is great for a budding traveler.
  4. Get a camera- use your phones camera, or get a digital one!
  5. Keep a journal; it is a good habit to write down what you are thinking and experiencing, being abroad is a great time to start
  6. Get excited! You are going to experience so much and see amazing sites; research these things ahead of time so you will be more excited!
I hope this helps you out! As always, leave a comment below if you have any more tips or questions about studying abroad; I am happy to help!

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