Sunday, May 19, 2013

Basic Handbags

Basic Handbags

You definitely need something to carry your chapstick, phone, wallet and other goodies. So stop carrying everything in your pockets, and invest in a couple nicer bags that will last you a lifetime!
  1. Black Handbag: I tend to get a larger handbag, because I like to hold everything; camera, phone, papers, wallet, etc. I would opt for a basic black leather (or faux leather) bag. Make sure the structure is durable, and has some pockets within the inside. 
  2. Neutral Handbag: Like the black handbag, get a neutral color for the spring and summer. 
  3. Black Clutch: A nice black clutch is great for fancy occasions and nighttime. It is a nice size to carry your essentials for a night out. Many come with chains that can be worn over the shoulder, if you don't want to carry it in your hand, or under your arm. 
  4. Cross Body Bag: A cross body bag is perfect for vacations and during the day when all you really need is your phone and wallet. I would get a black one, because I tend to wear more black, but get one that will match your wardrobe.
These are the basic handbags you should have in your wardrobe. Again, having the basics will help you build your wardrobe, instead of going crazy and buying things you don't need. 

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