Sunday, May 5, 2013

Basic Tops

Basic Tops

If you are like me and love clothing, and to buy clothing, then end up feeling like you don't have the right things to wear, or find out you hate that peplum shirt you bought three months ago, then  this list is made for you. For me, I love simple and put together fashion, but feel that my closet really lacks the fundamental basics to help build my wardrobe. So after looking around on pinterest, I came up with a list of basics that you need to help build your wardrobe, regardless of your style.

  1. White V-Neck: A simple white v-neck can be easy to wear on its own during hot days, and under a pretty colored cardigan for the spring and fall. Layer up necklaces, or bracelets, to help add your own personal touch. I love wearing my white v-necks with some dark skinny jeans in the summer.
  2. Black V-Neck: I also like to have a black v-neck in my closet. I like to throw it on for casual things; going to the grocery store, hanging with friends, or just around the house. You can easily dress it up and tuck it into cute and colorful a-line or even pencil skirts with a nice chunky necklace. 
  3. Cardigans: I am putting both the opened and buttoned up cardigan in one category. I love cardigans, hands down. They are perfect with any tee shirt, blouse, or tank top. I love to wear them for every season, and in casual and dressed up conditions. Open cardigans in light fabrics are great for spring and summer time, while buttoned up cardigans are great to wear with dressy tops and they are good to even wear as a top.
  4. Striped Top: Its the most classic Parisian chic item. Striped tops can vary in width of stripes, color, and sleeve length. If you are afraid about looking too big in horizontal stripes, try smaller stripes that are closer together. I opt for a black and white striped long sleeve, I love to wear it when I am in a hurry and want to look instantly chic. 
  5. Chambray Button-Up: Chambray is simply the hottest thing in fashion, well at least on pinterest, and it should be in your closet. I love to wear mine with black jeans and white jeans, but it is great with tons of other things, just check out pinterest and you will soon find out the possibilities for this new classic.
  6. Patterned Blouse: A nice and dressy patterned blouse is great for work, as well as for the weekends. A lightweight and satiny blouse is great for hot weather and also for the office under a blazer or (buttoned-up) cardigan. 
  7. Racerback Tank: I love racerback tops, they really accentuate your shoulders and back. I would definitely get several tanks for summer time, but you can also layer them and wear them with cardigans and under your chambray during any season. 
Hopefully this was a good guide for those who feel hopeless when opening up your closet doors. Having the basics really makes a difference in your wardrobe and makes your mornings a lot easier when searching for something to wear. I will be doing more basic posts soon, so stay tuned!

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