Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Basic Jackets

Basic Jackets

When it gets cold, or brisk, you need something to cover up. So don't go rumbling through your closet looking for more sweatshirts, but start with some of these basic jackets.

  1. Wool Jacket: Instead of your ski jacket that isn't too flattering, or even fancy, try a nice wool jacket instead. Make sure to get one that is lined, it will be warmer. I like to get one that is longer, covering my butt, so that stays nice and toasty too. Try to get a pretty neutral, that bright color may not be in style next winter.
  2. Trench Coat: Instead of your zip up fleece, get a trench coat; long or short. It is so beautiful in the spring and fall seasons when the weather starts to change. It is also very Parisian chic. Get the classic tan, or even get a darker grey. 
  3. Blazer: A nice blazer can be worn in the office, but as a jacket over nice blouses during the spring and fall seasons. It is a simple way to make a tank become more classy. 
  4. Leather (or Edgy) Jacket: I love the look of an edgy jacket, it makes me feel like a rocker and definitely brings some edge to my style. These type of jackets can be worn during the day, but look super awesome for the night time. Its a great jacket to have in your arsenal to have an "edge" up on a rather plain collection of jackets.
There you have it, the basic jackets you will need to keep your warm and stylish. Of course you can buy multiple other jackets; i.e. rain coats, etc.; but these are a few that will help your build your wardrobe. 

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