Thursday, May 9, 2013

Basic Bottoms

Basic Bottoms
Having the basics in your closet is key, especially when it comes to bottoms. I have the hardest time picking out bottoms because of the many different washes, lengths, fits and styles. Here are some of the basics you will need to build your wardrobe:

  1. Medium/Dark Wash Skinny Jeans: My go to choice, skinny jeans. I always opt for a medium or dark wash jean whenever I create an outfit because they are the most versatile tint that goes with everything and anything. For a more dressed up look, wear a darker wash; while the medium wash is more casual looking. If you don't like skinny jeans, get a pair of medium and/or dark wash straight or boot cut jeans. 
  2. Black Jeans: Black (skinny) jeans, are also a must have. They are perfect for a dressed up occasion, and with your chambray! 
  3. White Jeans: White (skinny) jeans are perfect for spring and summer. Roll up the bottoms and make them capris and wear your summer tanks with them. Like black jeans and blue jeans, these will go with everything. 
  4. Black Dress Pants: Of course you will need some nice dress slacks for fancy places, or office spaces (one rhyme at a time people). Get a nice fitted and straight pair of black trousers, make sure they fit especially if you are wearing these in the office.
  5. Jeans Shorts: Also known as "jorts," jean shorts are perfect for the hot weather. They will go with anything you own and are cute when rolled, if they are still long enough to cover your butt. I wouldn't get a dark wash however, its just not as fun and summer-y.
  6. Khaki Shorts: I also love tan shorts during the summer, though they usually make me look very pale, they are still a nice and neutral option for wild colored summer shirts.
Now that you have the basics, start building your wardrobe, maybe try a colored jean or shorts. Remember pants are not a nightmare to find, they are just a long process. It took me 16 pairs of pants to find some that truly fit me like a glove. Be patient and once you find your favorite pair, write down the size and use that as a reference when you go shopping for some more awesome pants. 

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