Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Essentials

Spring Essentials 

So spring really "sprang" up on me. Rome went from semi cold and rainy to beautiful, sunny, buds on trees, birds chirping spring. Since spring is here, at least in Europe, I decided to make a spring essentials "list" for you all! Here is what I think you will want to have:
    • an umbrella- perfect for the unexpected rainfall
    • sneakers- some light sneakers in a fun color or pattern
    • trench coat- a light weight and short trench for breezy days
    • light weight blouse- light weight fabrics are great when the weather starts to get hot; for spring, pair your blouses with a simple cardigan
    • long necklaces- good in any season, these are just something quick and easy to throw on to glam up your outfit
    • denim shorts- mid thigh cuffed denim shorts are appropriate and cute for the spring, especially with a pair of sneakers (Keds!)
There you have it, my simple little list of spring essentials. I totally love the idea of straw fedoras and rain boots, but first, I think it takes more effort to wear a fedora, and second I hate being inside for classes wearing rubber boots; hot and uncomfortable. 

Happy spring!

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