Thursday, April 25, 2013

Farewell Dinner, Goodbye Rome.

Yesterday night was our Farewell Dinner at Antica Biblioteca, it was very good! It is sad that I will be leaving Rome after being here since January! I had tons of fun and loved viewing the city, as well as other places within Italy, and even England! I have two days left to say goodbye to Rome then back home on a super long flight that I will hopefully sleep all the way through! Time change will be annoying and difficult, but it will be great to be back home to see my friends and family. Above is what I wore to the dinner, my roommate even said I looked like a total Italian, best compliment ever! So here is to my second to last day to explore the city once again! Once I get back home expect tons of pictures, recaps, and advice for traveling in Rome and Study Abroad for you college students out there! Have a great day!

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