Monday, April 1, 2013

Pants Galore

As you have heard from recent posts, no pants I own please me, or fit me well for that matter. Well this statement is no longer true! Thanks to, you guessed it, Zara, I have found four pair of pants that are simply awesome! 

Pair 1:

I was extremely weary about these pants, but I am actually glad I got them. They are a very light cream color, but super flattering, and will work well in the spring and summer when it is really hot outside.

Pair 2:

These pants look different in person, and are longer on me, but they are a great basic pair of blue jeans. They are a great medium wash, and super flattering. Love them!

Pair 3:

I really wanted a grey pair of skinny jeans, and these jeans are definitely skinny and flattering. They are actually a size bigger than the other three, an USA 8 versus an USA 6. I am actually getting weary about buying this pair, I know it looks good but I am nervous about wearing a different color other than black or blue. However, thanks to Pinterest, I am sure I can pull these off somehow. 

Pair 4:

So online these say Navy, but in person, they are super dark that I would say they are black. I also love these, they were the first, of 16 pairs, that I tried on!

So it was an exciting Saturday, trying on 16 pairs of pants with the help of two friends who were the best criticizers for clothing ever! I am so thankful that I had them, they really analyzed each piece and ran to get more sizes when needed. I really recommend shopping with someone who will be "harsh", you really get good and well fitting  clothing that makes you feel a lot happy about yourself, and look really good! 

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