Thursday, April 11, 2013

Roma & Firenze

If you have been following me, all two of you, you would know I spent this semester abroad in Rome, Italy. I have had an amazing time and have gotten to write a little more frequently on my blog. This semester has been so relaxing, freeing, and life changing. I have the typical four classes every college student has, but I get to have Rome as my classroom. Instead of living in a dorm, I live in an apartment, close to the Vatican, and I get to experience everyday Roman life. My view points on every day things, like washing the dishes, have changed remarkably. This Rome experience, though it is not over yet, has ultimately changed me into a more independent, free, and even more humble, person. I would recommend anyone and everyone to study abroad if it is possible for you. Not only do you get required courses for your majors/minors out of the way, you get to experience an entirely different culture, only if you open up and accept it. Like all things in life, you can choose to accept them, or ignore them. My experience abroad has helped me understand that acceptance is a better option. Keeping your mind open and trying new things will help you grow academically, as well as personally. I will be writing a huge series of posts regarding traveling in Rome, what to pack etc., and other posts on study abroad for college students out there!

Here are some pictures from Rome, as well as Florence:

I made a special trip to see John Keats, and Percy Shelley's graves in Testaccio. 


I had a great time! When I get back home, I will write all about my travels and tips for you guys when you decide to study abroad, or visit Europe! Ciao!

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