Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Favorites

After spending time abroad and living out of a suitcase for ten weeks in two different climates I realized that I really don't need a closet full of unwanted, too small, and too old clothes, I went on a wardrobe purge. When I clean out my closet I try to make split second decisions to decide if I like an article of clothing or not; or if easier, would I buy it if I saw it in a store right now. After this, I normally begin to get rid of a bunch of articles of clothing that I haven't worn in over a year or not at all. Face it, if you didn't wear it when you first bought it and several months (or years) after, you won't wear it now. At this point, I go through what I have left and what I need to buy to give my closet an upgrade. Here are some recent purchases I have made to help elevate my closet this year, and hopefully many more to come. 


Factory tissue scarf Factory tissue scarf

Tissue Scarf at J. Crew Factory 

As you see from a lot of my posts, I love basics, they can be layered and worn through every season and stay classic for many years. I am very inspired by Pinterest on how to layer and style clothing, and by making a list on my phone of what I need and trying to avoid impulse buying, which often leads to over buying and ultimately getting rid of clothing several months later. I definitely will start doing some outfit posts, and even showing you what is in my closet! But first, I need to start getting organizing better since I keep putting off writing on the blog! I will be posting soon!!

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