Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites by labelmechic featuring long length sweaters

Here are some of my favorite things this Friday! First, my new Gap sweater which I wore last week and it was super comfy. I really want this is more colors, but I wish the colors weren't all pastels. Next is a pair of Naot oxfords that I bought for Rome last year. I recently went to Niagra Falls, and these are amazing for walking around (in style). They are expensive, but very comfortable and lasted for four months on cobblestone streets and I am still using them over a year later! Next, is the idiom Kate Spade necklace I bought in London this summer. Though I couldn't find the picture of the one I own, which says "find the silver lining," so adorable. This is a perfect necklace for layering since you can adjust the length to the extreme. Next are my current mani pedi which insists of Essie colors in Master Plan and Be Strong. Stay tune for more Friday Favorites and some more posts about Italy!

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