Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ciao England

For my last day in the UK I took my mother to my favorite city, Bath. Of course by June it was flooded with tourists, but the architecture and the beauty of the city was worth the long lines. We started by going to the Abbey then heading to the super crowded Roman Baths, trying the bath water one more time. After this we made our way to the Circus and the Fashion Museum, which I had not seen before. The museum was really cute, it had dresses and clothes beginning in Georgian times and up to modern day. It was also interesting to see an exhibit with the actual archival and conservation boxes and details about how they preserve the clothing-- straight up my alley. After taking tons of pictures of beautiful dresses we walked down to the Royal Crescent, through the park and a garden and back into the city to see the Pulteney Bridge. After walking and sitting to enjoy the atmosphere, we ate dinner and headed back to my flat in London, one last time. It was nice to see Bath again, it was sort of a detox from hectic London before heading to Rome the next day (we spent all day at the airport due to our cheap airlines' mistakes). Here are some pictures from Bath, try not to get too teary eyed, I will come back to England soon!

I am really amazed at some of the pictures and the way they turned out, highlighting the beauty of Bath. I don't use PhotoShop or any other photo editing service, just snap and upload. I will definitely miss Bath and London, I really loved these cities and loved living in England. It is strange since London feels very American while still being European, it is a strange mixture of the two. I honestly did not expect to like London so much, I figured that it wouldn't compare to my previous experiences in Rome, but I really love London and am wishing I could've stayed longer.

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