Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shopping & Cookies

Sorry for the cell phone pictures, I really didn't want to take out my camera with the on and off rain today. It was a pretty busy Thursday. Started off at the office, then had a meeting with the Georgian Group, then headed down to Oxford Street to go shopping. I didn't buy anything (yet) but I love having a Zara store nearby again! I went in to tons of shops like Top Shop, United Colors of Bennington and Clarks. I will definitely go back soon to actually make some purchases! But I did buy a cookie from Ben's Cookies-- and it was delicious. I got a double chocolate nut cookie, simply amazing! I can't wait to keep exploring the city this weekend, especially since my brother and his friend are visiting!

Had to take a picture, it was just calling my name!

This was so delicious, I am definitely craving cookies right now. It also makes me think of all the gelato I am going to eat in Rome in another month. I can't wait- but one city at a time!!

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