Sunday, May 25, 2014

Crazy Sunday

Another adventure packed day today. I started off by going to the Wellington Arch (above) to see an exhibit called Carscapes. I am really interested in urban history-- on top of architecture and preservation-- and this was an awesome exhibit by English Heritage! It was very relatable to what I have been doing research on at school (urbanization, suburbanization, decline of urban centers). After the exhibit, I walked through Hyde Park, down Oxford Street and made my way to the British Museum. This museum is full of archeological artifacts, including things from the Rosetta Stone, Cleopatra, and statues from the Parthenon. The museum focus on ancient cultures, so it was a nice change from the modern day effects of the automobile. After this, I went to the British Library to see hundreds of documents, including lyrics written by The Beatles and the Magna Carta. Overall, I got to see a lot of interesting artifacts and explore more of the city, not too bad for a Sunday right? I am going to head back to Oxford Street tomorrow (get a cookie) and do some shopping if I am up for it in the morning.  So enjoy some of the pictures from today below!

This was on a tiny side street off of Oxford Street. I did a double take and almost bumped into a few people getting down this street to take this picture.


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