Sunday, July 14, 2013

What to do in Pisa

Everyone has heard of the "Leaning Tower of Pisa," but does anyone know anything else about Pisa? If you are interested in taking a trip to Pisa, or want to know a little bit more, keep reading.

Pisa, which is a small city north of Rome, Italy, is famous for its Leaning Tower. The tower, which has been leaning since it was being built, is now permanently at the angle seen above, due to major engineering support. The towers top three tiers, however, were made a little more straight during the towers construction, as an attempt to "correct" the lean. To the Italians, the tower looks like a banana. The tower was built for the building behind it, the Duomo. The tower isn't anything habitable, but merely the cathedral's bell tower. Once you go in the tower, it is a hollow cylinder, with the staircases in between the walls. Today, you can walk up the tower, and you will definitely feel the lean on your way down and up! 

So interested in going to Pisa? Here are some tips:

  • If you are staying in a major city, i.e. Rome, Napoli, Firenze; a train ride is fairly cheap and easy. From the train station, you keep walking straight, across a bridge, and after 20 minutes, you will find the Field of Miracles. 
  • The Field of Miracles is the major attraction. There you will find the Leaning Tower, Duomo, and Baptistery. There is an office, in a yellow building, where you can buy tickets to visit the three major attractions, including a walk up the Leaning Tower. There are also lockers where you put ALL your things (minus the tickets) an hour before your time slot for the tower.
  • Plan to stay for 4 hours. After seeing all three sights, you have nothing else to do, trust me, you will find yourself sitting and doing nothing. Try to have a small amount of time given to Pisa, it can all be done in less than 4 hours!
  • Wear good shoes. As in all my posts, wearing comfortable shoes is great for the distances, and heights, you will be walking.
  • Finding a place to eat is easy, walk down any of the streets off of the field, you will find plenty of restaurants. 
  • Take pictures. Everyone wants a picture of them leaning, holding, and pushing, the tower. Make sure to leave some time to do these pictures!

Here's my kicking picture... it took awhile. So there you have it! Pisa is a nice place, but you don't need a whole day! Have fun and don't forget to take some pictures!

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