Monday, March 18, 2013

Shopping: Zara (Again)

It is safe to say that I have fell in love with European style clothing. It's simple, its chic, and effortless; at least once you have the basics. I think a lot of Europeans have better style than most Americans, but it depends on the person. Yes you can find a European in sweatpants, but it isn't as prevalent in everyday life as it is in America. The major difference in Europe is that people really care about what they wear and how they present themselves; even on that lazy Sunday afternoon. Another major difference, the clothing fits. I am not saying all Americans have clothing that doesn't fit, but majority of (stylish) Europeans have well fitting pants, shirts, jackets, etc. My theory to why this is is simple, 1. Europeans like to make themselves presentable to others, or at least for themselves, 2. there are tons of boutiques and shops not available in the U.S. that Europeans have at their finger tips, and they utilize them well. After saying that, I don't want people to throw everything away and run to a boutique and buy expensive things, but I think we should be more cautious of what we buy, how it fits, and how it makes us feel.  As an American, I am used to the idea of "more is better" and having Targets, and department stores everywhere, allowing me to stock up on "trendy" items for cheap prices. Then I take a look in my closet, see all this crap that is ugly and so last season, that it either sits there, goes to a friend, or given to the American Red Cross. But in Europe, where closets are very tiny (by American standards), you learn that "less is more" and having basic and classic pieces in your wardrobe will go a lot farther than what is "trending" now. The limit on space for your clothes doesn't limit your wardrobe, but it will hinder you from making those last minute, gotta have it, purchases. If you stick to the basics, and even invest in them, you will definitely enjoy the outcome. Once your basics are done, add your own signature style with accessories, and other clothing items (but don't buy ten shirts of the same peplum trend- you will get sick of them by the summer). The number one accessory item in every stylish Europeans' closet: Scarves. Simple patterns and solid neutrals will go with any outfit, and help add a little warmth. 

So after my spiel, here is what I got from Zara to add to my basics & classics:
This really pretty chambray blue blouse, which will be perfect with white jeans and black jeans for spring and fall. The back is a little longer than the front to cover your butt, so I might even hem it even with the front, but most likely this shirt will be tucked in. 


Another cardigan? Yes, a nice navy blue one which is the same as the black one I bought. Hey, basics are my lacking in my wardrobe, plus you need to stay warm and look sophisticated all at once. 


And again, the same crew neck with the zipper at the back, but in basic black. Maybe I have a basics obsession... when in Rome..


This black ruffle tank. I really like this and it can be dressy with a blazer, or just a normal everyday shirt with a cardigan over it (and you know I have plenty of those). 

So what is next?

Again, I am on the lookout for some dark wash skinny jeans. I am hoping to find about two pairs (maybe three?) dark and medium washes, that fit like a glove. I am also looking for an open tan colored cardigan, and some solid color cotton racerbacks for the summer. As for accessories, a light grey scarf and a camel (color) scarf. If budget allows, I want to get a lightweight black blazer that is more casual. A pretty hefty list. My plan for when I get back in the states is to do a total clean out of my closet and really look into how many outfits I can make, the quality of the pieces, and if the article of clothing fits into my life style. It is time to say goodbye to those emotional pieces (I'll wear this eventually, or my prom dress will be used again), and make room for the essentials that will bring your wardrobe to maximum height. 
I cannot wait!

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