Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Nail Color

My favorite summer color: Elephantastic Pink by OPI.

Tips for beautiful nails:

1. Make sure you start with clean, dry nails. Take off old nail polish and buff out your nails.
2. Start with a base coat. A base coat will help your nail polish go on smooth and not stain your nails.
3. Put on the color. After your base coat dries, start with a dot of color in the center a little away from the nail bed and brush it towards the nails bed then towards the end of the nail. Next, put the brush back at the starting point, and brush the color on the right side; repeat on the left side. Do another coat if neccessary (once this coat is dry!).
4. Add a top coat. A top coat will make your color last longer and add a glossy sheen. If you have a matte nail color on, a top coat will make it shiny.

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