Monday, June 25, 2012

Brown Sugar Scrub

     I recently made this DIY Brown Sugar scrub seen here.
However, adding 3 TSP of Olive Oil for every 1/2 Cup of brown sugar makes it too oily. So I modified the recipe a little bit. In my mason jar, I have 5 cups of brown sugar7 TSP of olive oil and 1 TSP of water. This way there is enough olive oil soaking into the brown sugar without having a gross excess for when you open the container in the shower.

This works really well to make your skin super soft and smell delicious. I wouldn't recommend using this for your face since it leaves behind olive oil that will build up on your face and not necessarily soak in if your have oily skin.

I am going to try another face exfoliate seen on my pinterest beauty board.

Have a great day and try this DIY, takes about 5 minutes or less!

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