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Essential Shoes

Essential Shoes

Essential Shoes by labelmechic featuring black leather shoes

It has been a long time since I have posted anything! But don't worry, more is yet to come. I decided to start my postings for the summer with some essentials that I believe everyone should have in their closet. The capsule wardrobe has become a very big phenomena, especially on Pinterest, and as someone who likes order and simplicity, the capsule wardrobe just makes sense. Though I am not inclined to own 37 items of clothing, building a closet based on basics and layerable pieces is right down my alley! So here are some of my essentials for shoes...

1. Nude or Tan Ankle Boots: 
     I have become obsessed with ankle boots ever since I bought a pair of black Sam    
     Edelman leather boots last fall. Ankle boots are an essential for fall and spring and look 
     mazing with skinny jeans, and since I tend to wear skinny jeans year round, they are 
     perfect for my wardrobe. I recommend getting nude or light tan boots, either leather or 
     suede (make sure you spray on some protectant!) which you can wear in the spring 
     time to start your winter to summer transition. 

2. Black Ankle Boots:
     As I mentioned in no. 1, I love ankle boots, but I also love the color black in fashion. I  
     tend to buy lots of black tees and shoes, as well as any other accessory I can find--  
     scarves, socks, hats, you name it-- so obviously I need black ankle boots. I wore my  
     Sam Edelman ankle boots September to March this year because they looked amazing 
     and were very comfortable. Again, I recommend ankle boots because I think they are 
     much more stylish than taller boots (my old staple) and the whole looking awesome with 
     skinny jeans. Brand wise, I recommend Sam Edelman because they 
     are very well made and will last you awhile. 

3. Oxfords:

     While many people may wear flats daily, I wear oxfords. I have several pairs, including 
     the pair I bought for studying abroad two years ago, as well as some others. You can 
     find oxfords at any store and at varying prices, but I recommend buying a more 
     expensive pair, like at Clarks or a department store, because they will last much longer   
     than cheaper pairs and will also be more supportive for your feet. You may think that 
     oxfords are for men or for the office, but they can be also worn daily with a pair of jeans. 
     So if you are looking for something better looking than a pair of sneakers or whatever 
     you just throw on at the door, oxfords can instantly add a bit more class to your outfits. 

4. Sandals:

     Its finally summer! And while I love wearing my ankle boots and oxfords (if you haven't 
     noticed), you also need a lighter pair of shoes for the heat. To continue my whole 
     supportive shoe rant, I  tend to get sandals that have a thicker sole and even some with 
     arch supports in them. I would recommend getting a pair like the Madewell ones 
     pictured above since they are both casual and versatile. 

5. Keds:

     Sneakers are a necessary, no matter what. You need them to work out, to run errands, 
     to play sports, et cetera et cetera. While Keds aren't the ideal pair of sneakers for 
     working out or sports. they are great for running errands and going to class, which is 
     what I use mine for. They are definitely more stylish than your work out sneakers too. I 
     really like wearing Keds on days where putting more effort into my outfits is not in the 

So there you have it, my essential shoes that I wear every day. As long as you have these shoes in your closet arsenal, your wardrobe will always be on point!  

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