Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DIY 4th of July

If you are like me and want a simple 4th of July shirt without brand names written across your chest, this DIY flag tee is for you. I got this idea from this DIY layered shirt and decided to make an American flag in honor of the 4th (my favorite holiday!). If you want to make this, follow these steps:

I first planned out how big I wanted to make the flag. I opted for 10" x 7", and the blue section is   4.5" x 3". Next, I cut strips of some red, white and blue tee shirts. The strips were about an inch longer than the 10", 4.5" or 5.5" since the fabric will get shorter once sewn. The blue were .5" wide, the red and white were .8" wide.
I then placed down my strips and pinned them and sewed them to the tee shirt.

Then I kept going. I used red white and blue thread accordingly. Therefore, after blue I did the red sections and left space for my white strips. It is about .5" space for each red and white strip, the strips themselves are a little bigger since they curl up on themselves.

*Make sure to wash the fabric (shirts in my case) before doing this project in case of color bleeding. And then wash the shirt once you are done to get your fabric pencil or marker (used to mark what your measured) out.

And this is the result. Again the curling of the fabric won't be perfect, but it will look original and awesome! Sorry for the mirror picture- I don't have any fancy photoshop to flip it. HAPPY FOURTH!


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